Relaxation Tea

Herbal teas with a purpose.

Mushroom Tea Pots

Mushroom Teapots with Strainer Filter Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea


Tea Straws

Stainless steel reusable straws built with a specific design that prevents accidentally drinking the loose leaf tea to make your Relaxation Tea experience enjoyable and eco friendly.


Visit Space Review

Visit Space is the best tea ever. Helps me calm down and relax. Helps my mind go to that happy place before sleeping. I’ve had very vivid dreams but honestly it’s the best tea I’ve had for nighttime and tastes amazing as well. No sweetener needed unless I’m feeling for something sweet. No bitterness.

-Noemi H.

Visit Space Review

I'm so glad i found your Visit Space Tea. I feel well rested and overall more energized due to finally getting sleep during the night. I used to wake up and toss and turn, at first i thought it was too good to be true but after a month of drinking this tea, i can't go without it.


Chillax Review

My order arrived today and of course I immediately steeped the CHILLAX  tea. It tastes so good! And I think it truly works, I feel so calm and relaxed. I will definitely order some more and will also try the other teas💙 


Chillax Tea

This tea is so so wonderful!! I had a long and very emotional day, and drinking this tea really helped me settle down! It’s delicious too!!! Thank you so much!!!

-Carla S.

Visit Space Tea

Love that you offer free local delivery and I love the Visit Space Tea. I sleep so good every time.

-Evelyn G